Wildlife Water Guzzlers

Contact us today to purchase your Wildlife Water Guzzler.  We keep the 200 and 750 gal in stock.  You can either pick them up at the ranch OR we can ship them to you.  read more

Our wildlife water guzzlers are manufactured from fiberglass, which makes them light and easy to handle and install. They are non-corrosive and have a useful life of over 20 years. We have three sizes to meet your needs.

  • 4' diameter by 2' deep 200gal $1188.00
  • 8' diameter by 2' deep 750gal $1958.00
Surface area on the 750gal guzzler is 58 sq. ft. and 1" of rain = 38 gal. added to the reservoir. Reservoir needs to be filled with water when installed.

The 750 gallon is our most popular size and is best for birds, small game, deer and elk.

The 200 gallon guzzler is perfect for enhancing bird and small game populations.

We have many 200gal and 750gal guzzlers installed in our High Plains Area, and they are performing great. They are easy to install and require minimal maintenance due to the covered water storage, and are winter proof.

We have several guzzlers installed on our ranch.  We have birds, deer, coyotes, raccoons, and other species using them regularly. During long periods of no rainfall, low humidity, and no dew, water guzzlers help to maintain wildlife populations in these areas.

Both the 200gal and 750 gal models can be shipped by common carrier or picked up at our location.

Call Wine Glass Ranch at 308-882-5555 or Email us at info@wineglassranchinc.com.